The number one question we get asked in regard to our Poison Ivy Control program is: Do You Guarantee That The Poison Ivy Will Not Come Back?

The Poison Ivy That we treat on your property will not come back.  Our herbicide treatment is extremely effective in killing the poison ivy plants down to the roots.  However,  we cannot guarantee that poison ivy will not sprout on the property ever again. We can properly identify if you have seed producing “mother” vines that are the source to all of your poison ivy problems.  Poison Ivy seeds are transported mainly through birds.  The Birds eat the seeds, transport them, and drop them anywhere and everywhere. This is why having our technicians inspect your property is so valuable.

This natural process cannot be controlled.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will never see a single poison ivy plant on your property again. We do Guarantee that our treatment process will greatly reduce your risk of getting poison ivy, and that we will provide you with the knowledge to properly identify poison ivy that will be an invaluable skill for your entire life.


Why do you need to treat the poison ivy? Can’t You Just Pull it Out?

Unfortunately we cannot just pull out poison ivy.  Poison ivy contains rhizomes in its root systems.  These rhizomes are fail safes, so to say, for the poison ivy plant to continue to grow.  This is why our process involves a herbicide treatment.  The herbicide we use kills the plant down to the roots, including, all of the rhizomes that the plant has.  This ensures a very precise treatment process to kill 100% of the plant.

Do I need to have the Poison Ivy physically removed after the treatment?

We always recommend physical removals  when poison ivy is found in garden beds, utility areas, high traffic areas, or areas where you intend to work.  We always recommend removals in these situations because Urushiol, the oil within the poison ivy plant that gives us a reaction, will remain in the plant for at least one year even after the poison ivy plant is treated and killed.  Performing a physical removal expedites the process of ensuring these areas are safer. However, this is your choice if you wish to move forward with a physical removal.

Is the Herbicide you use Harmful to me, my pets, or the other plants in my landscaping?

The herbicide that we use is safe for you and your pets once it has dried.  Typically, dry time takes around an hour and a half.  However, we highly recommend you and your pets avoid the treated areas because they are full of poison ivy.

The herbicide we use is a selective systemic herbicide that is designed to treat broadleaf and woody stemmed plants.  It is not designed to kill grasses.  This herbicide can damage your plants in the landscaping, but our highly trained technicians are extremely careful and precise in applying the herbicide as to minimize damage your existing plants in your landscaping.  There are plants that are more susceptible to the herbicide.  These include Dogwoods and Lilacs.  Our technicians will be sure to educate you on the potential damage you may see, specific to your situation.


What type of results can I expect from a mosquito treatment?

Our mosquito treatment program typically has a 90% reduction in mosquitoes.  We use a combination of insecticides to provide you with the best and longest lasting control possible.  Typically you will start to notice the population of mosquitoes increasing a couple days prior to your next treatment.

Is the mosquito treatment harmful to me, my family, or my pets?

The areas are safe when the treatment has dried.  Typically we recommend to stay out of the treated area for an hour and a half to be extra safe.

Will the mosquito treatment work if rain is in the forecast?

Michigan’s weather is quite unpredictable.  Our mosquito treatment is effective after 24 hours of dry time.  If there is a high chance of rain within 24 hours of your scheduled treatment, we will reschedule your treatment as soon as possible for the next available day.

How Long Is the Treatment Effective For?

Our treatments last 21 days.  We will schedule our visits for every 21 days in accordance with the insecticides we use and the most effective treatment practices.

  • Will I be Notified when you come out to treat my property?

    Of course!  We always send our a reminder the day before the treatment is to be done.  We also send a reminder text message when we are on our way.  We want to provide you with the best customer service possible.  This means you stay informed of when we will be there.



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