Largest poison ivy vine of the 2020 season!

Did you ever think Poison Ivy could get THIS BIG?!

We have seen numerous vines close to this size, but this one takes the cake for this season. This is a 70 year old poison ivy vine located in Byron Center, Michigan. This poison ivy vine, is also responsible for the clients massively infested property and the pain and suffering for the whole family.

Here is a little backstory for this one. This client reach out to a company for their poison ivy problem and ended up becoming very frustrated. That frustration led them to us. We responded quickly, and set up a day to take care of their issue.

They informed us that they wanted 2 acres of woods treated for poison ivy. Quite a large job. When we arrived, we entered the woods. There was essentially a carpet of poison ivy throughout the woods. There were vines EVERYWHERE! For people who are allergic to poison ivy, this was no place to be.

Once we began the work, we found this MASSIVE poison ivy vine! This was the mother of the entire issue. She planted thousands of seeds. She was the culprit for all of the other vines, and also all of the other ground cover throughout the woods.

In fact, I had to make a special trip to Tractor Supply just to buy a battery powered sawsall to cut it! This vine was dense and to someone who cannot identify poison ivy well, this would appear to be a tree.

We have started the process in liberating their woods of poison ivy. We will do a follow up treatment in 10-14 days, but we will also be doing yearly maintenance due to all of the seed producing vines that were on the property. Over the course of the next couple years, their issue will be minimal.

We are proud to serve all of our clients and liberate their properties of this menace. We welcome them into the Itch Free Life.

Stay Tuned for more Poison Ivy News!

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