Poison Ivy Picture of the week!

We are going to try something new.

We are going to showcase the work we do with one picture a week. We know that results matter, and our pictures should show you a story of what we do every day, day in and day out.

Here is a client that was in dire need of her poison ivy to be taken care of. We traveled down to Livonia, Michigan to help her out. This poison ivy was quite unique. Not only was it taking over this space in the yard, but the poison ivy was also growing up into the lattice of the deck, and up through the deck boards!

Now, I want you to imagine you were the cable guy.. Just imagine if you had to go in that and check the box, or fix a cable. Solving this issue for this client not only helps her, but helps anyone in the future who would have had to work in the area.

We are so thankful that this client called us. We know how dreadful this situation is. I personally, am grateful to serve her. I cannot imagine a homeowner trying to remove a poison ivy problem like this without the proper experience, knowledge, and know-how in doing it correctly.

This could have ended terribly for the client had she not reached out for a poison ivy removal service.

This is the essence if Ditch The Itch – Poison Ivy and Mosquito Control Services. This truly is our wheel house.

This is the before picture. These poison ivy plants were just treated with an herbicide, and in a little while we will perform the removal.

We will keep you posted with before, during, and after removal pictures.

Stay Tuned!

-Ditch The Itch

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