Poison Ivy & Mosquito Control Services

Are you living Itch Free?

Have you used our mosquito control services this year or our poison ivy removal services? Are you on the fence about using them?

If so, all you need to do is look at our Five Star Google Reviews. Countless customers have signed up for our mosquito control services in Fenton, Grand Blanc, Goodrich, and Commerce Michigan. From the feedback they have provided verbally and their 5 star reviews, I know we will serve many more in the local areas.

Currently, after the brief drought we had mosquitoes are back in full swing and breeding like crazy! Worry not, we are only a phone call away..

We are still signing up new clients for mosquito control services. The season officially ends October 1st for mosquito treatments.

Poison ivy has been the service of the year. Numerous clients have called in regards to getting rid of this itch especially! We have served all over south east Michigan. The most visited cities for this service have been Bloomfield Hills and Farmington Hills Michigan.

We are here to serve YOU our fellow Michiganders. If you want to live the Itch Free Life, give us a call.

-Ditch The Itch


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