We were featured on A top 50 podcast for ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

I had the opportunity to be on the Fullerton Unfiltered podcast this year.

A little background on the podcast host:

Brian Fullerton is a very famous Youtuber who has a Lawn care business down in Wixom and Novi Michigan. His Youtube channel and podcast is all about helping people in the green industry make a profitable business.

On the podcast I shared my background in the commercial greenhouse industry, family life, mosquitoes, and poison ivy.

This is a great opportunity to “meet” me prior to having us out to service your property!

We really dove into the best practices in the pesticide industry. There are some people and companies who just go to Home Depot or Tractor Supply, buy a product, and kill everything. We do not do that…

I have years of experience in the commercial greenhouse industry and your landscape is just as important to me as it is to you. Knowing these plants very intimately, when I do a property walk, I am not only looking for poison ivy or invasive species but I am also inspecting for potential pests and diseases in your landscape. For you, I would imagine, this value ALONE is worth a property walk for me to inspect your property.

I absolutely love what I do, and I hope you enjoy the episode and “meeting” me prior to our property inspection.

You can find the podcast on all major podcast platforms and I will put those links below.

-Ditch The Itch LLC

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